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Truck Loading Specialist

2nd Shift | Dodge Center, Minnesota
Nature of Work
The majority of the responsibilities of the Truck Loader are to load customer-ordered material on the designated outgoing carrier. The loader will also move freight, stock, and other materials to and from storage and production areas, staging areas, and delivery vehicles. The loader is to operate overhead cranes and forklifts as needed.
Working Conditions
The loader may be required to lift and carry heavy objects. The majority of the time at work will be spent indoors. The loader generally works eight-hour shifts, though longer shifts may be common.
Duties / Responsibilities
  • Bands and tags material with the appropriate identification information
  • Receives printed customer orders and pulls inventory to prepare orders for accurate shipment
  • Distributes process material to proper production areas (shear, break press, saw, etc.)
  • Loads and secures material onto out-going carriers with proper weight distribution and proper delivery order
  • Assists with unloading/loading of material for company and non-company carriers
  • Frequently operates an overhead crane and/or forklift to handle heavy material
  • May drive semi and straight truck vehicles into specific loading areas to load customer-ordered material
  • Counts, weighs, and records number of units of material mover to compare numbers with shipping invoice
  • Communicates with dispatch to adjust customer orders to inventory availability and resolve discrepancies in shipping invoices
  • Prepares and submits reports as needed
  • Responsible for following all company safety policies
  • Responsible for wearing assigned/proper PPE
  • Performs other duties as instructed or assigned
  • Must be able to read, write, and communicate in fluent English
  • Be able to read and understand the material specifications on order tickets
  • Be able to read and decipher measurements using tape measure and/or micrometer
  • Ability to perform general mathematical computations
  • Previous experience operating semi or other freight vehicles

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