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Laser Operator

| Dodge Center, Minnesota
Nature of Work
A Laser Operator is responsible for the safe operation of the laser equipment and machinery. The Operator will adjust, set and measure for the proper length or dimension of desired product.
Working Conditions

A Machine Operator may be required to lift and carry objects weighing 75-100 pounds. Standing or walking comprises 90-95% of a normal work day. 

Shift options for Laser Operators are as follows:

Weekday 12-hour shift - Sunday-Tuesday 5am-5pm and every other Wednesday 6am-2:30pm

Night Shift - Monday-Thursday 4pm-2:30am

Day Shift - Monday-Friday 6am-2:30pm

*Please note your shift preference and secondary preference in the space provided below.

Duties/ Responsibilities
  •  Cut steel sheets or plates to customer specification or for stocking inventory
  •  When forming steel, calculates the correct measurements of steel pieces in order for the correct dimensions to result
  •  Inspect edge cut quality, material, and critical dimensions to assure print tolerances and that the correct customer specifications have been met
  •  Must operate crane and forklift skillfully and safely
  •  Package material for delivery
  •  Perform routine lubrication and maintenance and daily start up checks
  •  May drive semi and straight truck vehicles into specific loading areas to load customer-ordered material
  •  Assist in designing and building weld fixtures
  •  Set up and adjust machines to attain consistent quality and productive operation
  •  Identify, verify quantity, and properly tag all work and drop steel
  •  Download and edit programs as needed
  •  Load correct material on cutting table and unload, package finish parts and skeletons
  •  Debur parts as needed
  •  Keep work area neat and organized
  •  Good mathematical, geometry, and computer skills
  •  Knowledge of steel products
  •  Ability to troubleshoot, work well independently, and as a team
  •  CNC Machine experience preferred but not required
  •  High School diploma or equivalent
  •  Must be able to read, write, and communicate in fluent English
  •  Ability to use measuring tools, read, and interpret blueprints
  •  Forklift and crane certified

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